Sternlumen is Thomas and his piano. Both live in Nørrebro, Copenhagen, Denmark from where Thomas creates his ethereal and delicate piano pieces that invite his audience into an experimental universe found somewhere in the intersection between jazz, neo classical, and minimalism.

Sternlumen was born out of a long hiatus where Thomas did not touch the piano for seven years. After this long break he set out to rediscover the instrument. Consequently, this fresh approach is reflected in the wide open spaces of the music where the improvised and fragmentary slowly develops into hypnotic pieces.

In 2016, the self titled and well received comeback album "Sternlumen" was released, followed by concerts in Scandinavia, Germany, UK, New York and Iceland.

The current album, Nørrebro Nights - an homage to the neighbourhood where Thomas lives and thrives in - offers more new and equally powerful pieces. Nørrebro Nights is inspired by the different experiences and moods during a night in this multi-cultural neighbourhood in Copenhagen.  It is a culmination of feelings like melancholia, exuberance, friendship, new found love and that special atmosphere of dawn during nordic summers.